Pretty Girl
Oil on gesso board
20" x 20"

Pretty Girl is the traveling companion of my friend David Francis who lives out west. She is one lucky dog — David found her wandering some years ago as he was driving to Oregon. He took her to a shelter, hoping they could find the owner. He called to check a couple of days later, and they told him theycame up empty. He drove back, picked up the dog, and she has never left his side since. They live in Arizona, but come May, when Arizona starts to broil, they head to the coast, enjoying the sights and their familar stops in Washington and Oregon. David sends an email journal of their adventures, with wonderful photos of picturesque northwest spots. This close-up portrait of PG with her slightly worried look gives a hint of her likely Sharpei lineage. It also shows, by that intense stare, that she never lets David out of her sight.