Winter on Monhegan
Watercolor and casein
17" x 24"

I Many years ago, I clipped an evocative photo out of Yankee magazine. The eerie beauty of snow-swept Monhegan Island in the winter was perfectly captured. The limited color palette intrigued me, and I started a watercolor painting. I got as far as the side of the legendary Monhegan Inn. For reasons long forgotten, work stopped, and I carefully stashed the photo and the painting in the bottom drawer of my flat file, waiting for another day. Over the years, the flat file traveled with me from Boston to Cape Cod to Maine. Twenty years passed. I occasionally checked that drawer thinking, “I should finish that.”

Last year, I decided to redo my studio. While reorganizing the flat file, I met up once again with my unfinished painting. This time, I got serious. I sent a letter to David Witbeck, the photographer, and asked permission to work from his photo. He generously agreed, and I went to work immediately. I think the scene nicely portrays the solitary existence that winter brings to the island.