Miss Lilly, Shih Tzu,
Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Strathmore Vellum Finish
8" x 9"

Miss Lilly is a 7-year old Shih Tzu from Camden, Maine. She is full of energy and attitude. Her bright smile and sparkling eyes reflect her bubbly personality. I chose Prismacolor pencils for her portrait for their wide range of colors, including 3 sets of greys (warm, cool and French greys). These are great for matching the many colors in the lighter areas of Lilly's long coat. Prismacolor Black, combined with Black Grape and Indigo, makes very rich dark areas and gives her eyes a lively sparkle. Around her eyebrows, I layered shades of brown, tan and blue to make the shaggy hairs blend into the darker black. The final touch was to highlight a few stray white hairs with a fine rigger brush and thinned white casein.